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Oil Spill Operations

Oil Spill Response Operations training provides operational personnel with the detailed knowledge required to organize work teams and to use their spill equipment. The training also provides operations supervisory personnel with the fundamental knowledge needed to understand equipment application and limitations to specific incident conditions

Topics include:

Field organization and supervision

Key spill strategies and tactics

Boom connectors, anchoring, and deployment tactics

  • Preparing anchor systems and lights
  • Calm water booming techniques
  • Fast water booming techniques
  • Proper use of sorbents

Pumps and skimmers

  • Hydraulic power pack operations and maintenance
  • Skimmer deployment, operation, and maintenance
  • Deployment strategies and typical operational issues

Dispersant application

  • Vessel and helicopter application
  • Dispersant application rates

Controlled burns

  • Preparing booms and oil pools
  • Igniters and burn promoters
  • Burn monitoring and controls
  • Hand-held torches
  • Smart ash incinerators

Shoreline cleanup operations

  • Techniques and substrates
  • Flushing systems
  • Trenches, sumps, and weirs


Typically 1-day (can be included as part of a broader training program; may include equipment vendor personnel, as appropriate, for equipment commissioning)