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Inland Spill Response

Spill response in inland areas offers a series of challenges. Response objectives, priorities, and strategies are defined and communicated to responders through an incident command organization. Highlighted issues often include priorities and protection of downstream water users, populated areas, parks, and fisheries. Inland waters also can be highly variable, from marshes to fast-flowing streams, rivers, and lakes.  Special considerations, strategies and tactics are discussed for all of these settings, using examples from actual spills. Courses are typically tailored to the environments and conditions that the client may experience (tropical, arctic, semi-arid, etc.).

Topics Include:

Fate and Behavior of Spills

  • Oil Properties
  • Land Spills & Groundwater
  • Surface Waters

Health and Safety

  • First Responder Safety
  • Site Control and Decontamination
  • Sampling & Monitoring

Containment and Recovery Strategies and Tactics

  • On Land Response
  • Inland Waterways

Cleanup and Spill Response

  • Oiling Assessment
  • Cleanup Goals and Endpoints
  • Tactics and Techniques

Waste Handling and Disposal

  • Handling and Segregation
  • Temporary Waste Sites
  • Final Disposal Options

Field Exercise