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Incident Command System

ICS is a model tool for command, control, and coordination of an emergency response and provides a means to coordinate the efforts of individual organizations as they work toward the common goal of stabilizing the incident and protecting life, property, and the environment. ICS uses principles that have been proven to improve efficiency and effectiveness in a business setting and applies the principles to emergency response. ICS has been adopted by companies and governments around the world as a common emergency management system for oil spill response.

Key topics covered:

  • Introduction to the ICS
  • Initial Response
  • ICS for Expanding Incidents
  • Advanced ICS
  • Leadership in the ICS

Training (depending on level) includes:

  • Principles of ICS
  • The ICS Structure and Organization
  • Command
  • Safety, Information and Liaison Functions
  • Operations
  • Planning
  • Logistics
  • Finance/Administration
  • Common Responsibilities
  • Resource Management
  • Documentation – ICS Tools & Forms
  • The Planning Process and Incident Action Plans (IAP)
  • Tabletop Exercises

Duration: (standard levels can be included as part of a broader training program)

  • Level 100: 4-hours
  • Level 200: 2-days
  • Level 300: 3-days