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Environmental Unit

The Environmental Unit (EU) works within the Planning Section under the Incident Command System and has a key responsibility to ensure that any response to an incident addresses environmental, cultural, and socioeconomic priorities. The EU identifies sites for protection and recommends procedures to minimize impacts from a spill and from response operations. The EU provides critical input the planning process and formulation of incident action plans for operations through field assessments, recommendations for treatment strategies, response monitoring, sampling and data management, and preparation of plans for activities requiring permits. This training program provides participants with an in-depth review of roles, responsibilities, and tools for implementing and working within the EU.

Topics typically include:

Incident Command System Overview

Environmental Unit Overview

  • Environmental Unit Management, Resources, Information Flow
  • Environmental and Situations Units
  • Non-EU Environmental Functions (Wildlife Rescue/Rehabilitation and NRDA)
  • Initial EU Response
    • Oil fate and behavior, transport and environmental conditions
    • Resources at Risk, Priorities, and Protection
    • Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Technique (SCAT) Surveys
    • Waste Management and Disposal
    • Plans, Permits, and Authorizations
      • Dispersants
      • Controlled In-Situ Burning
      • Decanting
      • Shoreline Cleaning Agents
  • EU and the Planning Process
  • Tabletop and Field Exercises


Typically 2-day (can be included as part of a broader training program)