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Following an incident that injures a natural resource, federal and many state regulations require compensation for the loss of the injured resources. The intent of these regulations is to restore services provided by the injured resources either directly, by creation of similar services such as habitat, or by enhancing the quality of available habitats. Such projects may include habitat creation, restoration, conversion of use, land acquisition, providing in-kind services, repair of injured communities, and/or harvest modification.

POLARIS personnel have acted as the technical representative for responsible parties on restoration projects. Our services include: trustee liaison, development and assessment of alternative restoration/ compensation options, innovative conceptual project designs, project design coordination, permitting, contractor selection, and monitoring of construction and performance criteria.

Restoration experience includes projects in stream enhancement, seagrass transplantation, lacustrine, estuarine, marsh and intertidal habitat creation, dune creation and re-vegetation, coral reattachment, recreational opportunities and fisheries compensation. We take pride in developing innovative and cost-effective solutions.