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Oil Spill Research and Development

Polaris scientists have been at the forefront of oil spill R&D for 30 years. Projects include:

  • Analyses of marsh shorelines and mangroves following the Deepwater Horizon incident
  • API/NOAA Freshwater Response Manual
  • ARPEL RETOS Tool and Manual for Oil Spill Readiness Assessment
  • Canines for shoreline oil detection (with OCC)
  • Freshwater shoreline oiling, attenuation, and cleanup – Experimental Lakes, Canada
  • Hydraulic washing field trials
  • Guidelines on the Implementation of the OPRC Convention and OPRC-HNS Protocol – IMO Manual
  • MSRC Study of Beach Treatment Techniques and Equipment
  • Oil fate and weathering studies of Canadian oil sands crude products
  • Oil translocation processes from shorelines and treatment options, Canada MPRI
  • Regional Protocol for Response to Reef Damage from Vessels – Meso-American Reef (MAR) Fund Program
  • Waste Management Guidelines and Waste Calculator for the Arctic Council
  • Waste management and disposal guidelines for British Columbia