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Use of RETOSv2 for Evaluating Spill Response Planning and Readiness Capacity (Industry or Government)

The ARPEL Manual and RETOS™ provide a general guide for industry and governments to assess their level of oil spill response (OSR) planning and readiness management in relation to pre-established criteria. These criteria are commonly agreed upon by the institutions involved in the project and consider international best management practices.

Topics Include:

This course introduces participants to the ARPEL Oil Spill Response Planning and Readiness Assessment Manual and the Excel Tool (RETOS). The objective of this course is to encourage and help participants in the development of skills to implement the use of ARPEL Manual and the tool RETOS™ in the assessment of oil spill response planning and readiness and to identify gaps, information needs, and sources of improvement. The one-day class provides participants with objectives and background that led to the Manual and RETOS and the class is then guided through use of RETOS, in work groups or individually, to evaluate their own oil spill response program or one with which they are familiar. The course outline encompasses:

Project Background

  • OSR Internal and External Assessment/Audits
  • IOSC Guidelines – Development, Scope, Content
  • IMO Initiatives

ARPEL Manual

  • Structure
  • Application and Limitations
  • Terminology
  • OSR Program Scopes & Levels


  • How to Use
  • Qualitative Assessment Scores
  • Example and Hands‐On Case for Facility
  • Global Improvement
  • Gaps and Priorities

Toolbox and References


If it is just the class, it will take around 4 hours.  Typical these are workshops and usually last two days.