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Scientific Support of Oil Spill Response

  • Emergency technical/scientific support for oil and chemical spills
  • Oil spill technical training courses

Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA)

  • Scientific support for damage claims
  • Restorative and compensation programs

Coral Grounding Assessment and Restoration

  • Emergency technical/scientific support for grounding incidents
  • Coral grounding damage assessments
  • Coral and habitat restoration

Spill Prevention and Contingency Planning

  • Vessel, facility and site objectives and strategies
  • Training for plan implementation
  • Spill response exercises
  • Site hazards, environmental assessments, and audits

Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Technique (SCAT)

  • SCAT Program management
  • Trained personnel for field teams, data management, logistics
  • SCAT training courses

Aerial Video Surveys and Mapping

  • Shoreline sensitivity mapping
  • Coastal inventories
  • Oil spill countermeasure planning


  • Development and assessment of alternative restoration/ compensation options
  • Trustee liaison
  • Monitoring of construction and performance criteria

Oil Spill Research and Development

  • Experimental design and assessments
  • Manual/software development

Oil Spill Response Exercises

  • Design, preparation and control teams
  • Participation in Environmental Unit, NRDA and other roles

Marine Habitat Assessment Studies

  • Biological and environmental assessments
  • Baseline and mitigation studies
  • Project impact studies