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National IMO Level II Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Co-operation Training – Belize

Belize-Training-Dec2014Dr. Taylor served as an oil spill expert instructor, along with Ms. Claudine Tiercelin (CEDRE) and Mr. Paul Lattanzi (IMO representative/USCG), for a three day workshop with government and industry representatives that form part of the emergency network in Belize. The workshop was hosted by the Belize Department of the Environment and organized by the RAC/REMPEITC-Caribe (Curacao). The workshop, held from 9 – 11 December 2014 in Belize City, included instructional presentations, tabletop exercise, and field visits to an oil handling facility and to the Coast Guard site where spill response equipment was available for up close discussion and subsequent deployment. Results from the ARPEL RETOS2 tool, used to evaluate the national spill readiness program, were presented along with the global improvement implementation report.