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Response Plans, Studies, and Manuals

POLARIS provides spill response, prevention, and contingency planning for regulatory compliance, including integrated response plans, fleet plans, spill and operations manuals, and practical guidelines for response personnel. Our staff have developed over 100 spill contingency plans and formulated the response plans for the certified Response Organizations within Canada. Our scientists are leaders in the development of shoreline cleanup and assessment manuals recognized and adopted by organizations throughout the world. POLARIS led the technical development of the API and ARPEL International Assessment Guide for spill planning and readiness assessments and has undertaken audits and analysis of oil spill response programs, from facility to multinational pipelines and National plans, to provide direction and guidance to our clients for sustained and improved preparedness. POLARIS also offers training programs in spill contingency plan development and implementation.

Highlighted Projects



Comprehensive update, risk assessment, mapping, and workshops development of the National Contingency Plan and Response Capacity


Consultancy services for the development of a framework for onshore & offshore hydrocarbon escape prevention, preparedness & response capacity in Kenya.


RETOS and Assessment of the National Marine Response Program

Related Projects

  • ADNOC: Shoreline Protection Strategies for the Abu Dhabi Coast
  • AEPS: Waste Management Guidelines for the Arctic and Waste Calculator for Oiled Shoreline Treatment
  • Alaska Chadux Corp. Oil Spill Response Manual
  • American Petroleum Institute: Assessment of Oil Spill Response Capabilities: A Proposed International Guide for Oil Spill Response Planning and Readiness Assessment
  • American Petroleum Institute: Freshwater Response Manual
  • American Petroleum Institute: Marine Response Manual
  • ARPEL: Oil Spill Response Planning and Readiness Assessment Manual and RETOS (Excel application)
  • British Columbia Shoreline Protection and Cleanup Manual
  • British Columbia Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Team (SCAT) Manual
  • British Columbia Spill Waste Management and Disposal Guidelines
  • Burrard Clean Response Organization: Alternative Countermeasures Manual
  • Chevron Angola/Total: Shoreline Protection Strategies for Key Sites of the Northern Angola Coast
  • Exxon Neftegas Ltd.: Shoreline Protection Strategies for the Northern Sakhalin and Portions of Khabarovosk Krai Coastlines
  • Exxon Neftegas Ltd.: Tactical Response Strategies for Sites Along and Downstream of the Sakhalin-1 Pipelines
  • Exxon: Spill Response Manual Review (EPRCo)
  • Exxon CIS: Sakhalin Aerial Shoreline Videotape/Mapping-Response Field Guide
  • Exxon CIS: Sakhalin Island Inlet Protection and Current Meter Survey
  • Exxon Chad/Cameroon: Oil Spill Response Plans
  • Qatar Petroleum Corp.: Shoreline Protection Strategies for Key Sensitive Sites of the Qatari Coast
  • Washington State Dept. of Ecology: Use of Dispersants Preliminary EIS
  • Washington State Dept. of Ecology: Guidelines for Assessment of Pre-Booming Treshholds for Marine Transfer Operations