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Project Experience (OLD)

Oil/Chemical Spill Experience (* includes NRDA)
Coral/Seagrass Grounding Experience (* includes NRDA)
Research Projects
Response Studies and Manuals
Major Exercises
Aerial Video Surveys
Training Workshops
Spill Program Audits and Assessments
IMO / REMPEITC / GI-WACAF Related Projects


Research Projects

American Petroleum Institute: Fate and Environmental Effects of Inland Oil Spills
American Petroleum Institute: Shoreline Oil Spill Experiment Design/Permitting
Arco Alpine Project: Colville Delta, Alaska, Oil and River Hydrodynamics Studies
Arco Transportation: Copper River Delta, Alaska, Oil Transport
ConocoPhillips: River and Neearshore Bathymetry and Coastal Currents off the Colville River Delta
Environment Canada: Pacific Coast Oil Spill Experiment Design
Environment Canada: Hydraulic Washing Optimization
Exxon: Bioremediation for Cleanup in Louisiana Coastal Wetlands
Exxon: SCAT Resurveys for Persistence of Buried Oil on Shorelines in Prince William Sound
Kinder Morgan: Oil Fate and Weathering Experiments
Marine Spill Response Corporation: Historical Spill Review
Marine Spill Response Corporation: In Situ Burn Guidelines
Marine Spill Response Corporation: A Review and Catalog of Shoreline Cleanup Techniques and Equipment

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