June 13, 2013

Oil Spill Contingency Planning

Oil Spill Contingency Planning

Contingency plan familiarization training provides the organizational concepts for development of spill plans, information sources, plan content, and responsibilities. Typically Contingency Plan Familiarization Training is provided to new personnel that are not familiar with a plan or is presented at the time a new plan is adopted.

Duration: Typically 1-day (can be included as part of a broader training program)

Topics include:

  • OSCP response organization and regulatory requirements
  • Context of the OSCP with internal and external entities/agencies and plans
  • Fundamental concepts: tiered response, net environmental benefit
  • Emergency notifications
  • Immediate spill response procedures and activities
  • Incident management and decision making process
  • Sensitive areas
  • Response resources and logistics
  • Scenarios and strategies
  • Training and exercise requirements
  • Roles and responsibilities checklist
  • Preparation and review of individual action plans
  • Spill response forms and documentation
  • Plan review and maintenance