Scientific support for pre-spill Planning, spill response, NRDA and grounding incidents


Polaris Offers a Full Range of Response, Restoration, and Training Services
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Scientific Support of Oil Spill Response

Leadership for shoreline response operations encompassing shoreline assessment (SCAT), cleanup, inspections, and damage assessment.

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Natural resources damage assessment

Unique combination of technical expertise, from pre-planning through restoration, supports critical operational decisions in the context of NRDA and restoration concerns.

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Coral Grounding Assessment and Restoration

Support for coral reef damages from ship casualties, anchor damage, oil and chemical spills and wreck removal alternatives among others.



Spill response plans, tactical and strategy site plans, prevention and contingency plans including national planning initiatives (typically through IMO and/or UN programs), integrated response plans, fleet plans, spill and operations manuals, and practical guidelines for response personnel.

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Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Technique (SCAT)

Polaris scientists helped develop the SCAT process in the 1980s and have performed SCAT leadership and management functions for many significant spill events.

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Technical Training

Wide range of training courses that cover a variety of oil spill planning and response topics.

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Aerial Video Surveys and Mapping

POLARIS scientists continue to pioneer the use of aerial video surveys for shore-zone mapping, coastal inventories, and oil spill countermeasures planning.

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Technical representation for responsible parties on restoration projects including: trustee liaison, assessment of alternative restoration/ compensation, project design/coordination, and monitoring.

About Polaris

Over 100 years of combined response experience from more than 200 spills and groundings

POLARIS APPLIED SCIENCES, Inc. (POLARIS) was created in 1998 from the merger of three highly successful companies with a broad range of capabilities in marine, freshwater, and terrestrial oil and chemical spill response.

POLARIS’ scientific support staff for oil spill response includes internationally recognized leaders in shoreline treatment operations, shoreline geomorphology, pre-spill planning, technical training of spill responders, and environmental assessment.

Our scientists offer a combined total of over 100 years of response experience from more than 200 spills and groundings. POLARIS has provided clients worldwide with spill planning, spill and grounding response, scientific support, shoreline cleanup assessment technique (SCAT) training and implementation, natural resource damage assessment (NRDA) and environmental restoration services.

  • Rapid response, worldwide coverage

  • Decades of experience with NRDA projects

  • World class plans for marine, coastal and inland operations

  • Highly skilled and experienced instructors, proven materials


Experienced professionals to provide you world class service
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Greg E. Challenger, M.S.

President/Marine Scientist
Mr. Challenger is a marine scientist with 30 years of experience in environmental resource management and marine and freshwater habitat assessment and restoration.

Dr. Elliott Taylor

Principal/Marine Scientist
Dr. Taylor has over 35 years of worldwide experience as a marine scientist and over 20 years of experience in oil spill response. He is recognized as an industry leader in environmental issues in oil spill response.

Andrew W. Graham, M.S.

Marine Scientist
Mr. Graham has over 13 years of experience in spill response, coral reef assessment, SCAT surveys, bathymetry work, and data analysis.

Travis M. Scott, M.S.

Environmental Scientist
Mr. Scott has over 16 years of experience in water resources management, and ecology, reef restoration, SCAT and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Dr. Stephan Gmur

Environmental Scientist
Dr. Stephan Gmur provides a strong background in GIS, advance database design, pre-spill assessments, post spill monitoring and impacts evaluation and development of data capture workflows during spill events.

Alison Craig, M.S., M.P.A.,

Environmental Scientist
Ms. Craig provides over 20 years of experience in oceanography, environmental monitoring, ecological risk assessment, natural resource management, spill response, prevention, and contingency planning.

Gary S. Mauseth, M.S.

Mr. Mauseth has over 40 years of experience in the management and technical aspects of a wide variety of projects in the marine and freshwater environments.

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